How Much Does A New Roof Cost In Pittsburgh, Pa.?

There are a number of reasons your Pittsburgh, Pa. home may need a new roof. The first thing you may be wondering is about the cost of roof replacement.

If you have sustained some sort of damage to your roof in the past few months or have a leak, you’ve likely been weighing your options for a roof replacement, and the cost of it all.

How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost?

Gregor Roofing will come to your Pittsburgh home or business personally, where we can give a better estimate that can help guide and educate your roof replacement decision. We do not provide ballpark estimates, as every roof is different in terms of valleys, chimneys, dormers and other variables.

For reference, asphalt shingle roofs range from $5 to $8 per square foot. Your prices could be higher if your home is multiple stories, has a steep pitch, is complex in construction, or you choose premium materials.

On the other hand, jobs tend to be on the more affordable side when your home is a single story, the pitch of your roof is modest, regularly priced building materials are used, or if no replacement work of the underlaying plywood is necessary.

Types Of Roofs In Pittsburgh

In the Pittsburgh area, you’ll find that there are a few widely used roofing materials. In other climates, ceramic shingles are much more prominent, but because of a few factors (most of which is our varying climate) roofs in our area are limited to asphalt shingles, rubber, slate, and metal roofs.

Asphalt shingles are the most effective and long-lasting standard for residential roofing materials, and they also tend to be the most affordable. As things go these days though, the price can vary based on the price of crude petroleum and supply chain availability, as asphalt itself involves the utilization of petroleum.

Depending on what style of building you have, you may need a non-shingle-type roof (especially for ranch-style homes without an attic or commercial buildings). Flat roofs are very different and are not consistent in cost with shingled roofs. They’re usually more due to labor and material costs.

As with all these factors, to get a more exact number, your best bet is to give us a call – one of our roofing specialists will come out to your home or business.

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How To Fix Hail Damage On Your Roof

Although rare in our area, hailstorms are something that can be incredibly dangerous and costly to your home, your vehicles, and other items that may be in the way of a storm outside. Pittsburgh residents generally see fewer than six hail incidents a year, but if a storm hits, the damage can be extensive and costly.

Hail Facts

  • The world record for the largest hailstone occurred in 2010 when a stone approximately eight inches in diameter
  • Between 2008 and 2014 US insurers paid roughly $5.37 billion for auto insurance claims alone
  • Hailstorms generally occur most frequently from the months of May to August
  • In 2020 Texas had the most hail claims costing more than $3.1 billion

What Is Hail and Why Does It Happen?

Hail is a form of precipitation mad e up of solid chunks or balls of ice which form inside thunderstorm updrafts when there is an abundance of cold air. Rain drops within the cloud are carried upwards with updrafts and collect moisture as they flow through the cloud, and then fall to earth when the wait of the ice ball becomes too much for the cloud to support. In warmer weather, the hail will melt and dissolve in the air, but in the “perfect storm”, hail can fall to earth and sometimes wreak havoc.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

There are obvious signs of hail damage like dents in shingles or siding, but just because your roof doesn’t have large dents in the shingles doesn’t mean you won’t have hail damage. Your roof vents, gutters, roof flashing, and other roof penetrations are sure-fire signs that you should consider making some roof repairs. But how much damage necessitates a whole-roof replacement? A few dings or splatter marks are treatable in small, localized repair, but the only way to know for sure is to call and receive an estimate from a Gregor Roofing professional.

How Is Hail Damage Treated?

For minor to moderate cases, roof damage is handled with spot replacements (for shingled roofs). When a certified roofing professional has thoroughly examined your roof, they will mark each shingle that needs replaced and fit a matching piece in its spot. When damage is severe, sometimes there will need to be a whole-roof replacement, including gutters and other pieces of hardware. For roofs that are flat or sealed with rubber or tar, most of the time, the affected areas just get resealed and repaired in a much simpler method.

Failure to treat damages or ignoring damage altogether can lead to unforeseen in-house issues like roof leaks, problems with roof drainage, or overall loss of property value. Stay on top of hail damage roof repairs and be proactive in seeking out the proper help. Give us a call at (724) 969-4145 to get started with a job estimate.