What Is the Life Expectancy of My Shingles

While shingles have an expiration date, several factors such as moisture, UV rays, and geographic location, play a large role in your roof’s life expectancy. Not only does a new roof add curb appeal and value to your home, but it also provides proper insulation. When your home’s roof isn’t performing at 100%, your family can lose thousands on energy bills from poor insulation.

How Do I Know If I Need a Roof Replacement?

For your safety, it is best to remain on the ground when inspecting your roof. Ladders can lead to roof damage or personal injury. Symptoms of a failing roof can be observed both inside and outside of the home.

Inside signs:

  • Water damage on the walls or ceilings (peeling paint or stains)
  • Leaks and openings in the attic

Outside signs:

  • Tears or buckling around roof flashing
  • Curling shingles
  • Missing, or broken shingles falling into the yard below
  • Expired roof warranty

If you observe any of these signs, give Gregor Roofing a call. Our team is happy to help you determine if a roof replacement is right for you. 

Factors to Consider

  • The style of roof: flat vs. sloped

Flat roofs accumulate water and debris which can cause wear and tear on the shingles. Sloped roofs can form ice dams, leaving behind broken and torn shingles.

  • The type and amount of attic insulation

Proper insulation provides additional protection against leaks and water related damage to your roof.

  • The climate you live in  

Constant exposure to the sun and UV rays can lead to shingles becoming brittle, causing cracks. While your Pittsburgh roof may not have issues due to too much sun exposure, you may need to worry about excessive rain or snow fall.

  • Has there been debris left on the roof for extended periods during its lifetime?

Leaves, branches, and any other debris that may find itself on your roof for extended periods of time is another way to lessen your roof’s life expectancy.

Types of Roofing

Gregor Roofing is proud to offer a variety of asphalt shingles from standard to designer, and solar shingles. The type of roof you choose will determine its life expectancy. All GAF products work together for superior long-term protection.

  • GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles 

These standard asphalt shingles provide classic or designer color schemes now with LayerLock®Technology and the StainGuard Plus™ Algae Protection Limited Warranty

  • GAF Timberline Solar™ Shingles

These solar shingles take just days to install, unlike solar panels. These are the world’s first nailable solar shingle.

How Long Do Shingles Last?

GAF Timberline HDZ and Solar shingles are part of the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. The Golden Pledge Warranty offers 50 years coverage of material defects and 25-year coverage on the workmanship.

Are you unsure if your roof needs replaced? Give us a call at 724-960-8002 and our team will help you determine the best solution for your home.





Benefits of Solar Roofing

Whether you’re tired of spending your hard-earned money on energy bills, want to be more eco-friendly, or both, solar roofing may be the answer! With quick installation and tough durability, solar roofing can be a fast way to start saving.

Pennsylvania Solar Roofing Incentives

Pennsylvania offers tax credits, solar renewable energy certificates (SREC), and net metering to homeowners purchasing solar energy systems. The Residential Clean Energy Credit for residential systems can reduce the cost of a system by 30 percent. SRECs allow residents to sell the energy from their solar energy systems. In addition to these incentives, Pennsylvania also offers net metering. Net metering allows homeowners to bank their solar energy when they have excess and use it later when production is low.

Cutting Energy Costs with Solar Roofing

Solar Roofing provides an alternative to mainstream energy sources. Solar energy allows homeowners to control their energy prices. Traditional energy source prices are subject to change at any time. However, by producing your own energy, you control your energy prices.

Another economic benefit of solar roofing is the opportunity to sell unused energy back to the grid. If your family is not using the entirety of the energy produced by your solar roof, it can be used to create a profit. Not only are you saving on energy costs, but you could potentially be making money!

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that aids in reducing greenhouse gases. Traditional energy sources produce CO2 gas. Over 40% of CO2 emissions are due to burning fossil fuels for electricity generation. Using renewable energy sources cuts down on the emission of CO2 gas which contributes to global warming and the thinning of the ozone layer.


Solar shingles are less bulky and heavy than traditional solar panels and offer a sleeker option for solar energy in your home. These nailable shingles blend into your roof’s design, allowing for a seamless transition from where traditional shingles fill in. Timberline SolarTM shingles come in various colors to match your home’s aesthetic.


Our GAF Timberline SolarTM shingles are water shedding, allowing for precipitation to quickly escape your roof. These tough shingles can withstand winds up to 130 mph and include a Class A fire rating.


GAF Solar shingles are part of the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. The Golden Pledge Warranty offers 50 years coverage of material defects and 25 year coverage on the workmanship.  

Quick Installation

Unlike solar panels, which can take weeks to install, our Timberline SolarTM shingles from GAF take just days to install. As the world’s first nailable solar shingle, this solar roofing option offers speedy installation time, allowing you and your family to jump right into creating renewable energy.

Give us a call today and allow us to assess your roof. Remember, solar roofing only takes a few days to install, so the sooner you call, the sooner we will have you set up with a new way to save on energy bills.

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